Understanding General Insurance You Need to knowledge


There are many insurance products circulating on the market, including general insurance. However, not many people understand the understanding of general insurance or general insurance. Quoting the old saying, do not know then no love, so is the case with insurance. Limitations of knowledge make many people have general insurance. In fact, if you have assets, business, or everything that has a risk of loss, then you need general insurance. Read more this article to get to know more about the understanding of general insurance or general insurance.

What is the Definition of  General Insurance?

In general, the definition of general insurance or general insurance is insurance that provides benefits in the form of compensation to the insured if damage occurs, losses, loss on property. By having general insurance, you can avoid losses or suppressing minimum losses if risk occurs. There are various risks that you can face, such as fire, damage, accidents, disadvantages, loss, late flights, and so on.

Types of General Insurance or General Insurance

General insurance or general insurance is divided into several types, including:

1. Fire insurance
This general insurance product provides protection against the risk of fire. Fire insurance is used to protect homes from the possibility or risk of a fire caused by a fire, whether small or large, accidentally and generally difficult to control. Fire insurance is also useful for protecting businesses.

2. Motor vehicle insurance (vehichle insurance)
Motor vehicle insurance is a type of general insurance that provides protection in the form of compensation in the event of damage or loss of a motor vehicle. The definition of a vehicle that is the object of general insurance coverage is a vehicle that is driven by a motorcycle, such as cars and motorcycles. However, the vehicles here do not include vehicles that do not have a license plate number.

3. Engineering insurance
This type of general insurance can minimize various risks that arise related to engineering. There are two engineering aspects that are covered by engineering insurance, namely:

Project engineering
Namely insurance that provides protection against technical activities in order to build something.

Non-project engineering
Namely insurance that provides protection against the operation of engineering tools, such as heavy equipment, machinery, and so on.

4. Transport insurance
This type of general insurance or general insurance offers coverage for risks that may befall goods or assets in transit. There are those who classify transportation insurance according to the mode of transportation of the goods that are guaranteed, for example sea transportation insurance and land transportation insurance. Several transportation insurances available in the market include marine cargo insurance, marine hull insurance, freight forwarder liability insurance, and others.

5. Miscellaneous insurance
In addition to the products that fall into the four categories above, there are other types of general insurance which are grouped into various other insurances. The types covered in this product line are fairly broad, ranging from product liability insurance, public liability insurance, burglarly insurance, personal accident insurance, to travel insurance.

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